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What is exactly a person’s mental age? Of course, it is not a precise and well-defined concept, each person’s mindset being influenced by countless variables such as family background, social class, cultural level, place of birth and so on.
Ours is an entertaining but also biting test, and its purpose is to check, in broad strokes, your attitude towards life. In short, do you reason like a curious, naive and hopeful youngster, or like an old man who is now tired and closed in his own little world of unchanging habits? Find out with our test.
The results will amaze you, you can be bet! In fact, in addition to our commentary you will also find that of a very special artificial intelligence.
Have fun!

Calculate your mental age while having fun.
This test contains 28 questions and many answer options.
It provides 12 different mindset profiles (+ 2 secret ones!), each one with description, chart and commentary by our A.I. bot.
You got it right: our human psychological analysis will be supplemented by PersonalityGPT.
This is a serious test with occasional witty and sarcastic tones.
Click here to learn how the results are calculated.
Upon completion of the test you will receive a mindset certificate in your mailbox.
Take your chance to receive a $50 voucher.
No registration required.
Suitable for audiences of all ages.
Try the free DEMO of the test to better understand what it is about: Mental Age Test Demo. The Mental Age Test - explore your mindset

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The concept of awareness is difficult to describe in purely rational terms, since its essence pervades various dimensions, from the instinctual-sensory to the soul-spiritual. Trying to generalize, we could define awareness as the breadth of the gaze each of us uses in analyzing and understanding things.
Imagine an ant’s view of the world, limited to the ground adjacent to it and completely unaware of what goes on above. Now identify with a hawk flying high in the sky, imagine the breadth of its gaze below it. How many things does the hawk see that the ant cannot? Now, translating that perspective to our perceiving in its broader meaning and not just in visual terms, we could say that the person gifted with a hawk’s gaze possesses a broader awareness than the one who observes the world from the ant’s perspective.
Our test will try to carp about the breadth of your view of the world!

Measure your level of awareness on a scale from 0 to 200 points with 7 possible outcomes.
Answer 33 non-obvious questions and discover your position in the pyramid of awareness.
Obtain a detailed description of your profile and a graphic representation of your result.
Click here to learn how the results are calculated.
You will also receive a certificate of awareness directly in your email inbox.
This is a deep test that needs to be taken carefully.
The time required to complete the quiz is at least 25 minutes.
Take your chance to receive a $50 voucher.
No registration required.
Try the free DEMO of the test before buying it: Awareness Test Demo. The Test of Awareness - are you aware?

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Awareness and Awakening walk hand in hand, so we could not miss a test dedicated to this phenomenon of psycho-spiritual nature. What, then, is meant by Awakening? It is a manifestation of consciousness, the origin of which lies in the need of our soul-spiritual component to transcend the purely egoic and material level of earthly experience.
In order to understand this, we must first accept the fact that we are spiritual beings embodied in a physical entity, which inevitably ends up becoming a prison. Our ethereal component is in fact immortal, and as such conceives neither birth nor death. The process of Awakening begins at the moment when the mind, with its ego, gives way to this multidimensional part of us.
At that instant a process of reworking reality begins, upsetting every certainty taken for granted up to that point. The path of awakening, if authentic and not the result of a deception of the mind, can only go in one direction and turning back is no longer possible.
So, where do you stand on the journey to Awakening?

Are you a spiritual seeker? Our test will help you understand what path you are on.
Answer 27 questions with 5 types of responses corresponding to different stages of Awakening.
Results provide a variety of information: score, specific personality traits, charts.
Click here to learn how the results are calculated.
In addition, you will receive a certificate of awakening directly in your email box.
This quiz has an introspective focus and demands concentration.
The completion of the test takes no less than 20 minutes.
Take your chance to receive a $50 voucher.
No registration required.
Why don’t you try the free DEMO before purchasing the test? Awakening Test Demo. The Test of Awakening - are you awakened?

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Human personality has a myriad of facets, some of which are quite difficult to measure through a standard questionnaire with quantitative answers (e.g., little – enough – much). For this reason we decided to create a more sophisticated instrument, namely a test consisting of as many as 64 questions, each of which offers 5 reasoned responses. In this way the user will be stimulated to carefully examine the various options instead of opting for an instinctive and mechanical choice.
In addition, our test has an absolutely unique feature: self-calibration. This feature performs best on the second and third attempts. We therefore recommend repeating the test 3 times to get a tailor-made result. Unlike other personality tests, we are confident that ours will manage to entertain and surprise you at the same time with its effectiveness.
Try it now!

This psychological investigation tool is unique.
It updates itself after the first attempt and will provide different questions if repeated.
The result will undergo a self-calibration process reaching maximum accuracy on the third attempt.
Click here to learn how the results are calculated.
There are 64 questions in total, and their goal is to probe the 16 major personality traits:
1. Sociability (unsociability —> expansiveness)
2. Rationality (irrationality —> rationality)
3. Emotionality (impulsiveness —> self-control)
4. Perfectionism (carelessness —> fussiness)
5. Liveliness (laziness —> dynamism)
6. Extroversion (introversion —> extroversion)
7. Conscientiousness (recklessness —> judiciousness)
8. Sensitivity (insensitivity —> sensitivity)
9. Tolerance (indulgence —> strictness)
10. Creativity (conventionality —> originality)
11. Sagacity (naivety —> shrewdness)
12. Self-confidence (insecurity —> self-confidence)
13. Autonomy (obedience —> self-determination)
14. Spirituality (materialism —> spirituality)
15. Irony (seriousness —> childishness)
16. Selfishness (egocentrism —> altruism)

You will receive, as always, an exclusive certificate of personality in your email box.
It is recommended to think carefully about the various answers before choosing.
Conducting the test including 3 consecutive attempts takes about 30 minutes.
Take your chance to receive a $50 voucher.
No registration required.
Suitable for audiences of all ages.
You can try the free DEMO before you buy the test, here: Great Personality Test Demo. The Great Personality Test - 16 Traits Myers-Briggs

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Intelligence is characterized by many components, and we certainly do not claim to be able to measure it in an all-encompassing way, nevertheless this test allows us to evaluate a particular aspect of human intellect, precisely the logical-rational one (IQ – intelligence quotient). Society tends to place a rather high value on this skill, so it is good to take it into account and practice it.
Our logical intelligence test presents 35 questions, some seemingly simple and others more elaborate, with the aim of providing the most accurate assessment possible of the person taking it.
Originally, tests of this type have a time limit, however, we decided to use the time count only for statistical purposes, thus allowing anyone to complete the test. Those who do not want to have any facilities should know that the time limit for completing the test should be 20 minutes.

Measure your logical-mathematical skills.
The test consists of 35 questions, each with several answers and only one correct.
There is an invisible timer that counts the time but does not interrupt the trial.
This is a semi-professional test to be taken with full concentration.
At the end you will view the number of correct answers, the solution of each question and an estimate of you IQ.
Click here to learn how the results are calculated.
In addition, a certificate of participation will be sent to your email address.
Here you can view the user rankings updated from month to month: Logical Intelligence Ranking.
Take your chance to receive a $50 voucher.
No registration required.
Try the free DEMO of this test before buying it: Logical Intelligence Test Demo. The Logical Intelligence Test - what is your IQ?

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Are you a puzzle lover and a fan of quizzes in general? Then you should try our tremendous quiz. We have called it impossible for a good reason, in fact it seems that only one person in a hundred is able to solve it. Yet, why make it so complicated, you may be wondering. The answer is simple: if you manage to complete it you will get a prize: one of our semi-professional tests for free. You will be the one to choose which test to receive as a prize. However, before you get there you have to prove that you deserve it! What, then, does this so-called impossible quiz consist of? Unfortunately, we cannot reveal much more than that. We advise you to start the quiz right away and proceed by trial and error, trying to unearth the underlying logic, since this is the only way to solve the 8 levels present. Once you understand the common thread that connects the levels it will be much easier.
Good luck and happy headache!

8 levels in total to solve.
Levels are interconnected: find out the connection between them.
No mistakes are allowed: each level must be completed correctly.
The result, positive or negative, will be shown at the end of the quiz.
No help while taking the test.
Maximum allowed time: 3 minutes.
Maximum number of attempts: 10.
As a prize: a TEST for free, or a 25% discount.
No registration required.
Suitable for audiences of all ages.

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